1 . Can I ship to Buyer's home address?

No. To ensure product safety and handling, we require shipments to be made only to
registered pharmacy addresses.

2 . Can I ship to a P.O. Box or my house?

No. To ensure product safety and handling, we require shipments to be made only to
registered pharmacy addresses.

3 . Am I allowed to send promotional or other commercial materials in my order that are not from PharmEtrade?

No. PharmEtrade specifically forbids this. This includes, but is not limited to, material that
promotes a website other than this one, catalogs, business cards, business reply cards,
bookmarks, coupons, flyers, solicitations, or other marketing or advertising material.

4 . Can I contact a Buyer outside of PharmEtrade regarding a transaction?

No. This is strictly forbidden. PharmEtrade takes no responsibility or liability for any
damages you may incur by engaging in offline transactions, including ones that originated
on the website.

5 . What happens if I am caught posting or delivering invalid, fraudulent, altered, or misrepresented items?

If you, as a seller, fail to deliver the items you posted or deliver invalid, fraudulent, altered,
or misrepresented items. We reserve the right to cancel the order. We can also terminate or
suspend your membership, contact applicable regulatory agencies, and charge you
reasonable penalties or fines. We strictly prohibit users from posting items if they are not
able to provide the exact items to fulfill orders.

6 . Can I resell prescription drugs I purchased on PharmEtrade?

You can resell prescription drugs purchased previously on the website to any other Member
after 60 days of the purchase, no earlier.

7 . How does order confirmation and shipping work?

Once the order is placed, the seller will have to confirm the availability of the items ordered.
The buyer is responsible for shipping costs unless the seller offers otherwise. The seller will
provide a packing slip and shipping label to the buyer to allow the buyer to track the
package. Sellers must use a reputable delivery service. Sellers are responsible for boxing
and shipping items in conformance with the packaging guidelines of the delivery service it
uses. Seller must include in its posting the type of shipping they will use. They will select
the proper shipping method and packaging for the type of item, paying particular attention
to frozen or refrigerated items. If an item that is frozen or refrigerated is ordered, the seller
must choose to ship overnight at the quickest delivery option available. The seller must
follow the delivery guidelines to ensure that the delivery time will not be extended due to a
holiday or weekend schedule. The seller retains ownership and the financial responsibility of
the item until the item is delivered to the buyer. If the buyer doesn't refrigerate or freezethese items upon receipt, then the buyer is responsible for the delivery and mishandling of

8 . Can I sell expired prescription drugs on PharmEtrade?


9 . Can I sell narcotics on PharmEtrade?


10 . What items are prohibited for me to post and sell?

The following items are strictly prohibited from being sold, posted, advertised, or purchased
on this website:

  • The resale of prescription drugs purchased previously on the website to any other Member
    within 60 days of the purchase. Liquidation of inventory related to bulk purchases, sale
    (potential or actual), or pharmacy closure.
  • Selling items acquired through government discount programs or preferred pricing.
  • Posting and selling items that are restricted to a limited distribution network.
  • Posting and selling items subject to manufacturer's pre-authorization.
  • Sale of recalled, quarantined, or otherwise adulterated drugs under local, state, or federal
    laws or regulations. The transfer of isotretinoin or clozapine related chemicals or drugs.
    Any violation of the above will result in legal liability to you as well as suspension or
    termination of your Membership and access denial.

11 . How do I contact PharmEtrade?

Please contact customer service using Email at help@PharmEtrade.com or Call us at
973-302-8568 #108. Our customer service representatives will respond to you within two
business days. For technical support, please contact us at help@PharmEtrade.com.

12 . Do I have to be a licensed pharmacy owner to be a Member?

If you want to become a member in RxGroup then the answer is "Yes". If you want to buy
the over the counter (OTC) items then, the answer is "No".

13 . Is it free to be a Member?

Yes, we are proud to offer free membership for all accounts registered on our website.

14 . Can a Buyer cancel an order after it has been placed?

Yes, but only if the order has not been confirmed by the seller after two business days as
required. If you do not wish to cancel your order, but the seller has not confirmed it, you
can contact customer service to try. A customer service representative will reach out to the

15 . Can I send in multiple packages to fulfill an order, or is it required that I send only one?

You are required to send all of the items a single Buyer orders for a single location in one
package. However, if an item ordered requires special handling, it may need to be shipped

16 . What happens if an order is destroyed, lost, or incorrect upon delivery to a Buyer?

If an order is destroyed, lost, or incorrect, Buyers are encouraged to contact our customer
service immediately to place a claim and resolve the matter within 48 hours of delivery. If
you send an item other than that which was ordered, it is your responsibility to fulfill the
remaining items, including the cost of additional shipping. You, as the seller, are responsible
for the cost of return shipping for any items shipped in error.

17 . Are the sales I make final, or can Buyers return unwanted items?

Generally, all orders are final sale. But the sellers mention the return policy whenever they
publish the product in PharmEtrade.

18 . What form of payment does PharmEtrade accept for buying and selling?

PharmEtrade opted the PayPal for money transactions. Customers OR independent
pharmacies use their credit card to complete the purchases.

19 . Which details of the prescription drugs I am selling do I need to post?

When Sellers post their prescription drugs for sale, each post contains a detailed list of facts
about the products including; photo, name, size of the pill, size of pack, expiration date,
strength, quantity, form, lot number, and package condition.

20 . Why are prescription drugs priced differently?

There are several factors to consider when looking at the pricing. Since you as a Seller are
an independent pharmacist or pharmacy owner, the prescription drugs you sell can vary in
expiration date, stock quantity, and packaging condition from those of other Sellers.
Although we try to regulate the costs of prescription drugs to provide value to Members, we
still want to foster as much freedom as we can in the marketplace. PharmEtrade is not the
direct seller, but rather a platform for Sellers and Buyers to conduct their transactions.
Sellers are free to price their drugs at their discretion as long as they are not violating the
terms of this website. However, an open marketplace of this nature also allows healthy
competition in pricing, so PharmEtrade remains confident that Buyers will be able to find
what they are looking for at a comfortable pricing.

21 . Are transactions made through PharmEtrade classified as wholesale transactions?

No, transactions made through PharmEtrade are intended for specific patient needs or
declared public health emergencies- not as a wholesale transaction for stocking inventory.

22 . Can I edit or delete my posting after it's been posted?

Yes. You can edit or delete your posting by going into your account under "Posts" and
selecting to "edit" the post of your choosing.

23 . How do I post a prescription drug for sale?

Once logged in, you go to the “Products” tab. A series of prompts will guide you to the final
posting. You will need the details of the prescription drugs you are selling. Including, but not
limited to, NDC number, lot number, expiration dates, pack information, pricing, prescription
drug history, and photos.

24 . How do I change my contact information?

You can change your contact information by contacting customer service. If you are
changing your address, you will need to provide your new pharmacy location and update the
pharmacy license in our file. Please bear in mind that we will need to verify this information
before allowing you to conduct transactions with the updated information.

25 . Do I have to register each pharmacy if I own more than one separately?

Yes. Each pharmacy must be registered separately.

26 . How does PharmEtrade charge me for selling on the website?

PharmEtrade charges a fee of 5% of the total sale or $5.00, whichever is greater.

27 . When do I receive money from a sale?

The sale is complete when the order is delivered and there is no dispute on the delivery,
within 24 hours of receipt. After 24 hours, the transaction becomes final, and no dispute
claims can be made. Once the transaction becomes final, the seller sends a request for
money transfer. PharmEtrade initiates a transfer of the funds to your provided bank account.
Please allow up to 5 business days before making a customer service inquiry if your funds
have not been received.

28 . What do I do if I need to change my payment information?

At the time entering the Sellers information, sellers include their bank’s information.
PharmEtrade will pay back the money to the seller thru PayPal and the money will be
credited to the seller.

29 . Is the PharmEtrade site secure?

Yes, PharmEtrade is a secure site and SSL certified. However, it is your sole responsibility to
maintain your account. This includes the security of your email address and password for all
activity that occurs.

How do I know if transferring my overstock prescription drugs to other pharmacists is legal
in the state where I practice?You will need to review your state's rules and regulations regarding this. While PharmEtrade operates only in the states which allow such sales, it is your responsibility as a Seller to know and abide by the relevant statutes in your state. At the time of creating a product, the seller needs to mention the product's available States information. PharmEtrade will evaluate this condition at the time of check out. PharmEtrade verifies the shipping address against the available states.

Does PharmEtrade control the pricing of prescription drugs sold on the website?
No. We do to an extent, but only to help foster the best value for prescription drugs. Sellers
are only allowed to set prices below WAC pricing at the time of posting.

30 . What is Customer bidding?

PharmEtrade offers two types of bidding styles.

For New products: Customers can bid for a product which is not available on the site. For
example, customers go to a pharmacy to buy an item. If the customer is not satisfied with
the price, he can bid the product on the PharmEtrade site. The bid details will be served to
all the registered sellers. If any seller wants to sell the product for the customer, they can
approach the customer. It is a free service offered by PharmEtrade and sellers won’t be

For Existing product: Customer can send a bid to seller for the existing product. For
example, the seller published the product. Customers are not satisfied with the price. In this
case, customers can bid for a lower price. If the seller wants to buy for that price then, the
seller will approach the customer.

31 . Who are Buyers on the Website?

The Pharmacies, Wholesaler and the normal customer. The objective of the site is sell the Rx
Products and OTC products between the Pharmacies. But we extended the functionality to
the public also. The normal customers can buy all the OTC items from the site.

32 . Who are the Sellers on the website?

There are two types of Sellers in this website. Rx Group and OTC Group. The Pharmacies or
Wholesalers who want to sell Rx Products and OTC Products come under "Rx Group". The
Pharmacies or Wholesalers who want to sell only OTC items come under "OTC Group".

33 . How do I get started on PharmEtrade?

To get started on PharmEtrade, you must register. To register, go to PharmEtrade.com and
click "Sign Up". Follow the prompts to enter your pharmacy information. When your
registration is complete, we will verify your pharmacy information. Once all of your
information is verified, we will email you temporary credentials to log in with. Once logged
in, you can change your password right away.